Using Digital Trace Data in the Social Sciences, University of Konstanz (Summer 2018)

Instructor: Andreas Jungherr

Week 14: Where to take it from here? Discussion of Open Questions and Paper

Congratulations! You made it through the semester. After focusing on the use of Twitter data in research, today’s session will extend our scope a bit. Digital trace data is of increasing importance in various areas far beyond science. In this session, we will discuss how you could build on what you have learned so far. Topics we will discuss are:

Using other data sources:

While using Twitter data is all well and good, Twitter is far from the only or even the most interesting data source available to you. After learning the general workflow of working with digital trace data in this course, there is much to discover beyond this. The following readings might help you getting started.

Extending your analytical skill set:

The course focused strongly on getting data from Twitter an preparing them for analysis. In this, the discussion of analytical approaches has been fallen somewhat short. The following readings might make up for this by offering introductions to some of the most promising innovative analytical approaches for digital trace data.

How might you employ these skills outside of academia:

Finally, the following readings offer perspectives on how to use your new-won skills in contexts beyond resarch and academia:

Week 9